Galerie Michael provides significant works of art from influential masters from the 17th to the 20th centuries to Portland collectors.

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A Fine Art Gallery Serving Portland

Portland art collectors can acquire the finest drawings, prints, and paintings from significant artists from the 17th to the 20th centuries. You can appreciate our collection online from Portland or speak with one of our art consultants about a work of art you’d like to acquire.

We are dedicated to providing art enthusiasts with knowledge about artists, masterpieces, and our acquisition process. We spend hours curating the highest caliber of artwork, ensuring each piece holds historical significance and rarity, so you can grow your museum quality collection in Portland.

The Vault

Acquire a masterpiece from Michael’s personal collection. These are truly magnificent works of art.

Experience Our Art Exhibitions Online From Portland

Portland art enthusiasts and collectors can learn about noteworthy artists and their masterworks by viewing our current and past exhibitions online.

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Take an in-depth look into the artistic influence of masters such as Harmensz Van Rijn Rembrandt and Alexandre Renoir. Learn more about their impact on art history.

Building museum-quality collections, one work at a time.