Galerie Michael curates works from master artists from the 17th to the 20th centuries for Oahu collectors to appreciate and acquire.

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A Fine Art Gallery Serving Oahu

Galerie Michael provides Oahu art collectors with significant paintings, prints, and drawings from our gallery of exclusive masterpieces. We dedicate hours to research to seek historically significant works of art and restoration to ensure the utmost quality of each piece, so art collectors from Oahu can find the most valuable and profound masterpieces.

Oahu collectors can view our collection online and learn more about each artist and their works or speak with one of our art consultants who can provide extensive knowledge of each piece and guide you through the process of acquiring one of our pieces for your collection.

The Vault

Get an exclusive peek into Michael’s personal collection. Each piece holds historical importance and is in pristine condition. Discover the next masterpiece for your collection.

Experience Our Exhibitions Online From Oahu

In efforts to ensure everyone is able to appreciate the great works from the masters, we post all of our exhibitions online so you can experience the masterpieces from Oahu and expand your knowledge about art.

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We provide collectors with masterworks from artists like Pablo Picasso and Alexandre Renoir. Each artist influenced the evolution of art.

Building museum-quality collections, one work at a time.