Lacaze, Claude, b.

LACAZE, Claude, b.


Claude Lacaze was born in 1938 in Angouleme, France.  Lacaze first studied at Lycee Montaigne in Bordeaux under the training of Mer Gambey.  Gambey would take his students to the pier of Bordeaux where Andre Lhote liked to paint.  Lhote was one of the most influential art teachers of the 20th century.  When Lacaze left home, he decided to dedicate his life to painting. He entered l’Ecole des Beaux Art de Bordeaux during which time he was a student of Marty who decorated the Opera of Bordeaux.  The Bourdeaux School is responsible for the careers of many important fine art painters. All of these early influences would later become trademarks of Claude Lacaze paintings.

Through the influence of Andre Lhote, the noted French sculptor and painter of portraits, landscapes and still life and early Cubist style involvement, Lacaze followed in his footsteps, associating himself with the ‘post-cubist’ movement.  In addition, the influence of Paul Cezanne and his belief that circles, squares and cones were the shapes in which all images are formed, was the basis of Lacaze’s early works, as did Cezanne’s “passage”, a device in which one physical object is allowed to penetrate another physical object thus defying the laws of physical experience.

As he developed, his work transformed into more sensual compositions, featuring women and a more fluid line. The influence of Picasso and Braque is also evident in Lacaze’s paintings, especially in works that have a collage like appearance. Shortly after completing school at Beaux Arts, Lacaze presented his first one man exhibition in Paris on rue Visconti to unanimous acclaim.

Lacaze’s artistic style blends cubism with influences from artists such as Pablo Picasso and Braque, to create works that are truly one of a kind.

His next endeavor was a foray into teaching becoming a professor of Fine Art in the College de Puyguilen.  During this time he occasionally agreed to do exhibitions of Claude Lacaze paintings, which were always highly anticipated events. Lacaze was also a prominent member of the prestigious Society La Maison des Artistes.

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